InCharge Energy, Inc. is the home of value and convenience for professional electrician services in the Los Angeles area. Our electricians are available to call when things go wrong and you’re left in the dark. Because no job is too big or too small for our experienced professional electrical technicians. With emergency response times clocking in at 60 minutes or less and 24-hour availability, our convenience is tough to beat.


Southern California Edison Approved Contractor

We are specializing in reducing energy usage through energy efficient lighting retrofits and installations for commercial buildings, parking lots, warehouses, industrial facilities and other commercial facilities.

• Lighting Retrofit Programs
• Lighting Maintenance
• Save 35-75% on electricity costs
• Raise the quality of your lighting which can lead to increased employee productivity and happiness
• Increase profits
• Prepare your existing facilities for a more environmentally-conscious

LED Lighting

As part of our commitment to a cleaner, more energy efficient world, our Go Green program offers the latest in LED Lighting products and solutions.

LEDs are both economical to operate and environmentally friendly.

LED Lighting offers a variety of improvements over traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights. LEDs are brighter, more reliable, last longer, and use less power than other forms of lighting. At InCharge Energy, Inc., we offer a huge selection of LED light fixtures and lighting solutions.

LED Lighting is ideal for parking lots, warehouses, schools, churches or almost any business. Our experts will:

• Save you up to 85% of the cost of lighting
• Reduce your overall electric consumption by up to 20%
• Increase lighting levels in any area
• Provide an estimated 100% ROI in the first year
• Provide the ability to receive utility company rebates.


We Offer Everything … Under the Sun

From solar electricity to solar pool heating … from radiant heat to solar hot water. We provide solar solutions that reduce or even eliminate our customer’s utility bills. Watch your electric meter spin backwards with a solar electrical system. Extend your swim season year-round with solar pool heating. Let the sun provide your hot water with solar hot water. Enjoy clean, comfortable, healthier heat with radiant heating. Efficient Lighting and Electric can do it all for you.

Highest Quality Products and Design

We custom design each system using only the highest quality products available to give you the most power for your dollar.  Call or email us today to see what a difference our experience and quality can make to your next project.